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Lizard Lab launches “Ask an expert”

The Lizard Lab has just launched their latest feature (and public service): “Ask an expert“. You may have noticed an unusual lizard in your garden or during your travels. You may even have filmed an unusual behaviour, such as a crazy tail wave. Or you may have wondered about the evolutionary history of lizards. Read […]

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Lizard sends ‘invisible’ warning to rivals – Sydney Morning Herald

Take a look at a this article by Max Mason in the Sydney Morning Herlad about Augrabies flat lizards. This is based on new work recently published by Fleishman, Loew and Whiting. It also refers to our previous work on UV-based signals that includes a whole list of collaborators. Please e-mail Martin for a PDF […]

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Dispatches from China part 2: lizards, yak poo and high altitude basketball

We are currently in a race against the clock. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t exactly been kind to us. Yesterday was great, we had a nice sunny day and collected tons of data. (We are in China visiting and assisting Dr. Qi Yin on his toad-agama project with an eye to setting up future collaborative projects.) […]

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Harmonious orgy is winning formula for frogs – Australian Geographic

Here is an Australian Geographic report on all Phil’s hard work in the field! Harmonious orgy is winning formula for frogs – Australian Geographic.

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Hot communication!

The news arrived. ‘Animals in translation: why there is meaning (but probably no message) in animal communication‘, one of Pau Carazo’s latest papers along with Enrique Font, hit the headlines! The paper was published last August in Animal Behaviour, and was the third most downloaded article of the journal from September to August. In this paper, the authors defend […]

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Polyandrous frogs

African foam nesting frogs represent one of the most extreme examples of polyandry in a vertebrate and this is thought to be a fertility insurance mechanism. Our paper, just published online, shows that offspring from polyandrous matings had both significantly higher mean survival and reduced variance in offspring survival. We suggest that this is due […]

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Lizard tail waving

This yellow-striped tree skink (Lipinia vittigera) was filmed by Marc and Danielle Nardini at Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia. While many lizards have conspicuous tails to draw predators to an ‘expendable’ body part, tail waving above the body is extremely rare.