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Field assistant needed for Frillneck Lizard project

An enthusiastic and capable volunteer field assistant is required for a research project on frillneck lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) in the eastern Kimberley, Western Australia. The project forms part of a study on sex allocation and colour communication in these iconic lizards, and specific duties include locating and monitoring. The fieldwork requires spending 7-8 hrs per […]

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Dispatches from the field: Australian Geographic expedition to the Kimberley, WA

The Kimberley in Western Australia is a vast expanse of wilderness, famous for its pristine gorges and unique fauna. It’s also home to the highest species richness of goannas—up to 10 are sympatric in some areas. Sean Doody (University of Tennessee and Newcastle), Simon Clulow (University of Newcastle) and Colin McHenry (Monash University) have been […]