We have two different sets of outdoor enclosures located in the Fauna Park at Macquarie University. We have a set of six large outdoor enclosures that individually measure 16×10 m. We have a second set of four that measure 8 x 5 m. The first set of lizard yards were finished in August 2010 and the latter set in 2019. See photos of the construction process. And check out the two drone videos below. The video on the left is of the Fauna Park animal facilities and it depicts our lizard tubs (roughly centre of start of video), our four enclosures with a tower in the centre (just above the lizard tubs) and in the top right, our six large outdoor enclosures. The video on the right is of our six large (16 x 10 m) enclosures. The videos are courtesy of Michael Herman (Ad Hoc Films).