We are in the Fauna Park, a 6 minute walk from the main Biology building. For a map and our exact location, go here. Our offices are in 205b Culloden Rd and oiur lab is in 205a Culloden Rd. A nice bonus is that we are adjacent to a forest! On a historical note, for many years we were in a nearby Queenslander style house before we moved to the new Biosciences building in 2019.

Our offices are in this building – 205B Culloden Rd. If you go up the stairs we are the first door on the left (students, postdocs) and right (Martin).

This is the front entrance to the building – 205B Culloden Rd.

This is a communal office for postgrad students from multiple labs. Postdocs have offices on either end of the room.

The corridor outside our offices had a visitor, an eastern water skink.

The lab has excellent bench space for basic lab work and we have 5 incubators and a -30 freezer.

We have a small room connected to the lab that we use for measuring physiological performance. In that room, we have an incubator for warming lizards to their preferred body temperature, a thermal gradient for measuring preferred temperature, a racetrack, several treadmills including a human one that is modified for use with lizards, and bite force meters. This is an Eastern Water Skink (Eulamprus quoyii) having its bite force measured.

Check out a video of Ko-Huan Lee in action in the performance room measuring lizard endurance.