The Lizard Lab has had substantial help from our interns and volunteers. Check out our hall of fame. Most interns join the lab during the spring-summer field season.

Here are our active members of the lab. We have had lots of help from Liam Agnew (an MRes student) and also Yieh Shing Tan (Shing).

 The amazing Christine Wilson. Christine has been with the lab since 2014. She initially managed our husbandry team, but is now employed by MARS (Macquarie Animal Research Services). She orders lizard food and looks after a huge number of lizards. We would be in trouble without her.

Lizz Peni-Pearson has been helping Jai Lake with his work on mother-offspring bonding (2023).

Cooper Van Der Wal has been part of the lab since November 2017. He did lots of husbandry for us when he was an undergrad. He has also made videos of the lab and helped on a huge range of projects. He is a skilled builder! Check out his YouTube channel!

Eric Ferraro helped with bearded dragon husbandry and research and also helped us build 55 lizard enclosures (2022-23)!

Daniel Ali is an avid herpetologist and has helped us with husbandry and our research (2022-).

Nick Desmet helped install new lizard enclosures and helps with various research projects (2022-).