Undergrads, interns, volunteers

The Lizard Lab has had substantial help from our interns and volunteers. Check out our hall of fame. Most interns join the lab during the spring-summer field season.

We also have an amazing husbandry team, led by Christine Wilson, that help look after our study animals. Technically, Christine is now employed by Macquarie as an animal technician but we still view her as a lab member! Our current husbandry team is as follows:

Christine Wilson (2014-)
Cooper Van Der Wal (3 November 2017-)
MARS animal techs

Here are our active members of the lab:

The amazing Christine Wilson.

The amazing Christine Wilson. Christine manages our husbandry team, orders lizard food, looks after a huge number of lizards and manages and trouble-shoots all sorts of issues in the lab. She is also employed by Dan Noble and has helped on a number of projects in the lab. We would be in trouble without her.

Will Bailes is our robotics expert. He is in the Department of Engineering and won a scholarship to work with us on our bluey signalling project. His mission is to build a robotic bluey! In this photo he is capturing images to make a 3-D lizard.