The lab has some amazingly productive and innovative postdogs with diverse research interests. Dr. Dundee Baxter-Gilbert-Riley’s research interests are experiential sleep physiology, brush turkey gross anatomy and field paleontology. Dr. Winnie Whiting’s research interests are varied, but currently focus on aggression (mainly aggressive signalling and predictors of contest outcome) and the evolution of play. Dr. Doug Whiting’s research interests are optimal foraging and sexual selection theory. Dr. Moe Gruber’s research extends to game theory (mostly ball-orientated) and inter-specific cognitive manipulation using gaze orientation for food acquisition purposes.

Dr. Winnie Whiting in the early years (as a PhD student).

Dr. Winnie Whiting (left) and Dr. Doug Whiting after a conference call.

Dr. Dundee Baxter-Gilbert-Riley in the field in NSW.

Dr. Moe Gruber is also into sports.