Recently, Martin Whiting and Lizard Lab alumnus Pau Carazo made a pilgrimage to Down House, Charles Darwin’s family home where he wrote the Origin of Species and many of his other classic works and where he conducted many of his experiments. It was a highly memorable day, here are some photos.

The view from the back garden.

The start of our pilgrimage. Very exciting.

Darwin’s spectacular garden.

The dining room.

Darwin’s study.

The garden path where Darwin did much of his pontificating during his daily strolls.

The greenhouse where Darwin did many of his experiments.

Mateo Carazo-Ibañez, a future scientist in Darwin’s mould.

The view from upstairs.

A first edition of the Origin that Darwin gave to Charles Lyell.

Darwin’s barnacle monograph–probably still an essential work in the field.

Dr. Carazo at our new favourite pub.

The place where there is natural selection on beer drinking.