I’m looking for several volunteers to help me with my PhD research on the tawny dragon lizard Ctenophorus decresii, a small agamid lizard. Male dragons found in the Flinders Ranges are seen in four different colour forms. I am investigating if colour types differ in ways additional to their colour and how such diversity is maintained within a population. I will be catching the lizards, performing behavioural trials, estimating territory size and assessing physiological differences.

I will be in the field from 9th October to 5th December and require volunteers for the entire period.

Flights, cabin accommodation and food will be covered however volunteers must commit to a minimum of 2 weeks.

Fieldwork experience is essential and enjoyment of the outdoors a must!

If you are interested or would like some more info please email me, Maddy Yewers


Photo by Enrique Cruz.