Freek Vonk is a Dutch scientist and nature documentary presenter. He and his crew have just wrapped season 1 of “Freek in Australia”. Part of this series consisted of a day at our lab filming cane toads and discussing our work on cognition followed by a trip to our water dragon site at Lane Cove National Park, a short drive from campus. While Freek clearly enjoyed seeing the toads, he probably had a lot more fun chasing water dragons! To learn more about Freek, take a look at his Facebook page. Freek is really enthusiastic and passionate about nature, so be sure to keep an eye out for his nature documentaries in the future!

Here are some pics of Freek and his film crew.

Freek arrives at the Lizard Lab at Macquarie University.

Filming cane toads in the lab.

Filming a female water dragon on an overhanging branch.


Dan Noble and Freek about to process a water dragon in the field.

Dan and Freek measuring a water dragon.

Filming water dragons on Lane Cove River.

Martin, dragon, Freek, Dan.

Freek swimming with a male water dragon.