Hi everyone,

Another year has flown by at warp speed. We had the pleasure of hosting both Pau Carazo (University of Valencia) and Qi Yin (Chengdu Institute of Biology) for short-term postdocs. Both made a big impact in their brief time here! We also continued with a mix of lab and field projects. Alana ran lots of cognition trials on Cunningham’s Skinks; Dan worked on cognition, mate preference and a host of sexual selection-based projects on Eastern Water Skinks; Marco did lots of field work in Victoria and NSW on Jacky Dragon signalling; Siobhan initiated her PhD field project on Great Desert Skink social evolution in Central Australia amidst sweltering bush fires; Dani ran male contests and various projects on sexual selection and social organisation in Water Dragons; Pau, Martin, Grant Napier and Sam Price-Rees did field work on Blue-tongue Skinks in Western Australia and Martin, Dan and Qi Yin conducted field work in China on the most amazing tail waving lizard imaginable; and finally, Kerrie Wechmann completed her honours thesis with distinction! We also had lots of help from a team of volunteers from around the globe. We plan on bringing you more updates in 2012, including “Dispatches from the Field”. Martin will soon be in Sri Lanka and Martin and Dan will be in China in June. All the best for 2012!