Hall of Fame: Undergrads, interns, volunteers

The Lizard Lab has had substantial help from our interns and volunteers. For the 2010 field season we were assisted by our Dutch imports (interns): Ferdy Timmerman and Danny Boerrigter. We have also been expertly assisted by Yian Yian Dam (2010-current) and Sebastian Schwarz (2010) who spent many days racing lizards. Marc Nardini (2010) spent days getting the basic structure and formatting of our web site set up as well as helping catch lizards and research race track designs. Marco was fortunate enough to have the expert assistance of his partner Viviana, although her main focus then became raising little Julian!

For the 2011 field season we had five interns: Laura Hagemann (Germany), Nicolas Villain (France), Nicolas Butruille (France), Moniek Poppe (The Netherlands), and Martin Rossmanith (Germany). We have also been ably assisted by David Hamilton who helped Martin with the toads and who also works on frill-neck lizards and dare we say it, gouldian finches. In April 2011 Martin and Pau worked on blue-tongues in Kununurra (WA) with Sam Price-Rees (University of Sydney) and had the expert assistance of Grant Napier (cameraman extraordinaire).

In early 2012, Sam Tesoriero ran the toad cognition project for Martin. During the field season of 2012, Stephanie Muenchau helped Dan with project Eulamprus.

In 2013-14 we had excellent assistance with toads and painted dragons from Stephanie Wilson. In early 2014 we had assistance with the toad project from Yvonne Skrzypczak and Floriane Passas worked on social learning in lizards and helped look after our menagerie. In 2014 we also had assistance with husbandry and general trouble-shooting from Maribel DeGuzman, Peta Vine, and Elijah Elias. Finally, we had expert help in the field and lab from Lorene Chieze, Marie Favre, and James Baxter-Gilbert (2014). Julia Riley has been running the social skink field project in Albury, in addition to on-campus experiments on the influence of social developmental environment on cognition, behaviour, and sociability. Julia has been expertly assisted by a team of interns (Floriane Passas: January to June 2014; Marie Favre: September 2014 to January 2015; Côme Guidou: September 2015 to June 2015; Caroline Fryns: January to June 2016; Anna Küchler: August to October 2016; Théo Damasio: September 2016 to January 2017), volunteers (Mitchell Francis, Jo Ocock, Sam Perkins, Dena Paris) and visiting PhD student Sarah Deventer. Théo Damasio also helped James Baxter-Gilbert on the water dragon project. Josh Cunningham helped with husbandry, tree skink research, and various other projects in the lab.

In 2017 Maiana Lenoir helped Birgit Szabo with her comparative cognition study, while Sebastian Hoefer helped her in 2018. Iván Beltran had expert assistance in Victorien Durand and Rebecca Loiseleur from January-June 2018, for his research on the impacts of rising temperatures on lizard cognition and phenotypes.

In 2018, Victor Frichot worked on Lampropholis delicata with Fonti Kar and Dan Noble during 27.8.2018-24.1.2019. Jane Mademann also worked on team Lampropholis. Faustine Degottex worked with Birgit and Iván Beltrán during 1.10.2018-11.1.2019. Levin Wiedenroth helped Birgit and Iván with their research on cognition and behaviour.

In 2019 Jordan Steele (February-June) was a PACE student and worked with Simon Clulow and Martin on tadpole cognition and was helped by Jonathan Ogle (April-June). Marco Monteiro and Kaitlin McCloghry worked with Birgit Szabo on counting in gidgee skinks, also as part of a PACE unit. Constant Perry worked with Iván Beltrán during January-June 2019 on lizard phenotypic plasticity.

While our interns have also been a great help with husbandry, we have had an amazing husbandry team of undergraduate (and some graduates) from Macquarie:

Peta Vine (May – December 2014)
Courtney Walcott (2014)
Heather Fisher (2014 – 2016)
Michelle Lucietto (2015)
Kailyn Mclennan (2015)
Jarrad Barnes (2015)
Clare Ottaviano (2015 – 2016)
Michelle Chan (2015-February 2017)
Greg Everden (2016)
Li Levi (2016)
Laura Auckett (April-December 2016)
Jared Martin (2016)
Taylor Wilkinson (2016)
Jack Westacott (2016)
Teagan Parker Kielniacz (1 April 2016 – 15 October 2017)
Luke Jeffery (8 March-15 September 2017)
Jordan Theobold (8 March-22 June 2017)
Joshua Cunningham (June 2016-March 2018)
Ann Ching (2016-December 2017)
Megan Johnson (8 May-15 June 2018)
Pandelitsa Yiasemides 30.8.2017 – 3.7.2019
Marco Monteiro 12.4.2019-30.11.2019

Here are more pictures and videos of our lab volunteers in action.