Prior to the ISBE conference in Perth, the Lizard Lab was visited by Mike Cant (University of Exeter), Marlene Zuk (UC Riverside) and John Alcock (Arizona State University). All visited the water dragon site (at different times) and tried their hands at catching water dragons. Here are some photos (some of the poorer ones were taken on Martin’s i-pohone!) of the action.

Mike Cant and friend.

Marlene and dragon. Way more exciting than a cricket..

The dragon crew L:R: Dan, Marlene, Dani, Danny.

Marlene and Dan noosing dragons.

L:R: Siobhan, Ferdy, Sue, Dani, John.

John Alcock and dragon.

John and Ferdy with the day’s catch.

Dani (a.k.a Dragon Lady) and dragon (attached to pants).

Dani and John dragon wrangling.