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Turn up the colour: male frogs use bright colours to avoid confusion at the pond

Imagine being a frog during the chaos of the breeding season and navigating the gathering crowds around the pond. How do you know who might be a suitable mate let alone whether they are male or female? One solution is colour. If one sex, typically males, is able to turn on some bright colour that […]

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Grant Webster wins best honours/masters student presentation at ASH!

The Australian Society of Herpetologists (ASH) just concluded its annual conference at Point Wolstoncroft at Lake Macquarie. The conference was one of the largest ASH meetings ever–maybe the largest (I forget), with 170 delegates. Martin, Dan, Siobhan and Grant attended and gave talks. This was Grant’s first ASH conference and it was a memorable one […]

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Lizard Lab news!

A Lizard Lab update is long overdue! The lab has had the pleasure of hosting Stephan Leu as a visiting postdoc. Stephan and Martin have been working on a paper together and planning upcoming research on blueys (social networks) and sleepy lizards (with Mike Bull). Stephan has done some fantastic work on social networks in […]