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New Scientist reports “Cold-blooded burrow sharing in Tibetan lizards”

Gilead Amit has featured our recent PLoS One paper (full reference below) in New Scientist. Read the article by clicking the link below. Cold-blooded burrow sharing in Tibetan lizards and to download the PLoS One article for free, click on the article diagram below. Y Qi, D W A Noble, J Fu, M J Whiting […]

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Dispatches from China part 2: lizards, yak poo and high altitude basketball

We are currently in a race against the clock. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t exactly been kind to us. Yesterday was great, we had a nice sunny day and collected tons of data. (We are in China visiting and assisting Dr. Qi Yin on his toad-agama project with an eye to setting up future collaborative projects.) […]