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Up for a fight or doing a runner, for a lizard it could be in their genes

Animals often instinctively assess their environment, and display innate behavioural responses. For example, many newly born reptiles and fish know how to respond to predators – knowing when to “fight” and when to “flee” – right after hatching out of their eggs! Innate behavioural responses, especially in times of peril, may be the difference between […]

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Lizard Lab book club: Review of ‘How to make a zombie’

Review by James Baxter-Gilbert How to Make a Zombie: The Real Life (and Death) Science of Reanimation and Mind Control by Frank Swain. 2013. 256 pp. Oneworld Publications. ISBN 978-1-85168-944-6. If the concept of population dynamics has taught us anything it is that whenever a population expands far beyond an ecosystem’s ability to sustain it […]