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Up for a fight or doing a runner, for a lizard it could be in their genes

Animals often instinctively assess their environment, and display innate behavioural responses. For example, many newly born reptiles and fish know how to respond to predators – knowing when to “fight” and when to “flee” – right after hatching out of their eggs! Innate behavioural responses, especially in times of peril, may be the difference between […]

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Kalahari tree skinks associate with sociable weaver nests despite African pygmy falcons

In the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa sociable weaver nests are a prominent feature in the landscape. These large nests typically occupy camelthorn trees and provide a refuge to a range of organisms, including Kalahari tree skinks (Trachylepis spilogaster). They also provide refuge for a predator of the skink: the African pygmy falcon, which roosts […]

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Curious about the natural history of Australian lizards?

The Lizard Lab recently had the pleasure of a visit from Steve Wilson and he was kind enough to bring a few copies of his new book Australian Lizards: A Natural History. As Steve points out in the preface, we don’t hear people talking about lizards nearly enough! The root of this problem may, at […]

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Another new lizard species discovered – Science Daily

A brightly coloured, semi-aquatic mountain dwelling lizard has been discovered in Peru, Potamites montanicola. The article describing this new species was published in Zookeys this year, an open access journal. A popular account of this exciting discovery can be found in Science Daily. This new species challenges previously known characteristics of the genus Potamites by living at […]

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Dispatches from the field: spectacular horned lizards, leeches and delicious curries in Sri Lanka

I didn’t have internet access in the field, so this dispatch is actually coming from my living-room in Sydney! I have just returned from a field trip with Ruchira Somaweera to the Knuckles Mountain range, which is to the north of Kandy in central Sri Lanka. Ruchira is the famed author of “Lizards of Sri […]

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Lizard Lab launches “Ask an expert”

The Lizard Lab has just launched their latest feature (and public service): “Ask an expert“. You may have noticed an unusual lizard in your garden or during your travels. You may even have filmed an unusual behaviour, such as a crazy tail wave. Or you may have wondered about the evolutionary history of lizards. Read […]

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Field assistant needed for frillneck lizard study in the Kimberley (W. Australia)

An enthusiastic and capable volunteer field assistant is required for a research project on frillneck lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) in Wyndham, Western Australia. This project will form part of a PhD study on the colour and function of the frill in the frillneck lizard in tropical Australia. Fieldwork will involve: – locating and capturing lizards in […]

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Hot off the press! Gene flow and habitat use in coppertail skinks

Siobhan Dennison, in collaboration with Shannon Smith and Adam Stow have just published a paper examining patterns of gene flow between populations of coppertail skinks on rocky ridgetops in NSW. This study is important because bush rock removal is a serious threat to many rock-dwelling species locally in NSW. Their findings suggest that local skink […]