Lizards learn from their elders too!

Social learning—the ability of an animal or human to acquire information by learning from the actions of others is a short-cut to solving many of life’s problems or simply acquiring information more quickly. Just think back to when you got your first video recorder all those years ago, or satellite TV, with a remote with […]

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Athletic lizards: Sex, hormones, and physical performance

By Dan Noble When it comes to animal athletics lizards have been model systems for exploring the relationships between ecology and physical performance. Our two recent papers, one in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society and the second in Behavioral Ecology add to the growing list of studies looking at functional performance in lizards. In our first study, […]


Polyandry provides a reproductive ‘boost’ in Water Skinks!

Our new paper on female polyandry in E. quoyii has just been published in Behavioral Ecology. In this paper we tested a series of predictions that assessed the roles of direct and indirect genetic fitness benefits females may receive by mating with many males. Direct fitness benefits are those benefits females gain directly by mating with many […]

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Dispatches from China part 1: Lizards, culture and our inability to understand the Chinese currency

For all those Lizard Lab followers, you’re in for a treat! For those of you who are not aware, Martin and Dan have been travelling through China with some colleagues (Dr. Qi Yin and Wu Yau Yong) to look at a peculiar and unique lizard population in the far North of Sichuan Province. Our adventures […]

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If only it were this easy to get a paper published!

I was given this  paper by a few friends in the department, which was actually published quite a while ago in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. I’m sure this has stimulated some thought provoking discussions and controversy over the years! The reviewers comments are attached to the bottom of the paper.

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Baby boom in the Lizard Lab!

Yes, that’s right, the first of our Water Skink (Eulamprus quoyii) babies have made their way into the world. Although it is earlier then expected, these little cuties are doing all the cool stuff their parents do. Little head bobs, chowing down on crickets and even biting their captors! The  babies are extremely small, only […]