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How will global warming affect egg-laying and live-bearing species? We asked one of the most extraordinary lizards in the world

By Iván Beltrán Environmental temperature determines many important aspects of an animal’s life. In ectotherms, commonly known as ‘cold-blooded’ animals, the temperature experienced during embryonic development significantly impacts a hatchling’s physiology and behaviour. For instance, nest temperatures determine offspring sex in turtles and crocodilians and affect body size in squamates, a group comprised of lizards […]

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Dispatches from the field: following the Sulawesi Forest Turtle

Note, this field work formed the basis for Angela’s Masters thesis. By Angela Simms I wasn’t sure what to expect on the first night searching for the Sulawesi Forest Turtle. As little as 30 minutes into the stream walk, our local guide spots a large male perched on the edge of the clear shallow flowing […]

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A new paper on the natural hisory of flap-necked chameleons

See our new paper on the natural history of the flap-necked chameleon from southern Africa. It can be downloaded for free from the MCZ web page:

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Lizards found to send secret signals – Australian Geographic

Lizards found to send secret signals – Australian Geographic.

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Can lizards swim?

I recently visited my old field site at Augrabies Falls National Park, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The park is situated on the Orange River, not too far from the border with Namibia. I was in for a bit of a shock. The river was in flood and at its highest since […]