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Happy New Year From Newhaven, NT!!

Well, after three months of a four-month fieldtrip to AWC Newhaven, I thought it was time to send a long-overdue update via the Lizard Lab Blog! Newhaven veterans Chris Turnbull and Andy Beattie joined me for the first month of the trip, and as always, were incredibly helpful and great company. I have since had […]

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Lizard Lab news!

A Lizard Lab update is long overdue! The lab has had the pleasure of hosting Stephan Leu as a visiting postdoc. Stephan and Martin have been working on a paper together and planning upcoming research on blueys (social networks) and sleepy lizards (with Mike Bull). Stephan has done some fantastic work on social networks in […]

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Hot off the press! Gene flow and habitat use in coppertail skinks

Siobhan Dennison, in collaboration with Shannon Smith and Adam Stow have just published a paper examining patterns of gene flow between populations of coppertail skinks on rocky ridgetops in NSW. This study is important because bush rock removal is a serious threat to many rock-dwelling species locally in NSW. Their findings suggest that local skink […]

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The water dragon project gets a series of high profile visitors!

Prior to the ISBE conference in Perth, the Lizard Lab was visited by Mike Cant (University of Exeter), Marlene Zuk (UC Riverside) and John Alcock (Arizona State University). All visited the water dragon site (at different times) and tried their hands at catching water dragons. Here are some photos (some of the poorer ones were […]