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Happy New Year From Newhaven, NT!!

Well, after three months of a four-month fieldtrip to AWC Newhaven, I thought it was time to send a long-overdue update via the Lizard Lab Blog! Newhaven veterans Chris Turnbull and Andy Beattie joined me for the first month of the trip, and as always, were incredibly helpful and great company. I have since had […]

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Hot off the press! “Learning outdoors: male lizards show flexible spatial learning under semi-natural conditions”

For anyone interested in comparative cognition, these are exciting times and 2012 has been a good year for lizards! Manuel Leal and Robert Powell’s study of Anolis cognition demonstrated that lizards are capable of behavioural flexibility. (Behavioural flexibility, a key feature of advanced cognition, is the ability to solve a novel problem, or develop a […]

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Dispatches from the field: in search of the mystical Secret Toad-headed Agama and other tail waving lizards in China

This dispatch comes to you from the Tukai Desert in north-west China, a short drive (about 15 km) from the Kazakhstan border. We are three weeks into a six-week field trip. The lab is currently working on the evolution of complex tail waves and colour signals in Asian toad-headed agamas (Phrynocephalus) in collaboration with Dr. […]

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Lizard Lab news!

A Lizard Lab update is long overdue! The lab has had the pleasure of hosting Stephan Leu as a visiting postdoc. Stephan and Martin have been working on a paper together and planning upcoming research on blueys (social networks) and sleepy lizards (with Mike Bull). Stephan has done some fantastic work on social networks in […]

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Hot off the press! Gene flow and habitat use in coppertail skinks

Siobhan Dennison, in collaboration with Shannon Smith and Adam Stow have just published a paper examining patterns of gene flow between populations of coppertail skinks on rocky ridgetops in NSW. This study is important because bush rock removal is a serious threat to many rock-dwelling species locally in NSW. Their findings suggest that local skink […]

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Pau Carazo wins prestigious award for outstanding PhD thesis

The latest ground-breaking news from the lab is that Pau Carazo, who is currently ranked the top postdoc in the lab, has won the prestigious Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado. This highly competitive annual prize is awarded to the best 1-2 doctoral students in their discipline (Pau won the prize for Life Sciences). This award recognises […]

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Lizards found to send secret signals – Australian Geographic

Lizards found to send secret signals – Australian Geographic.

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Flat lizards are UV lizards

Augrabies Flat lizards, made famous in David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood (Dragons of the Dry) and also in Planet Earth (Deserts) have made the news again. Our study of their visual system reveals remarkably high sensitivity to UV. In fact, they are approximately three times more sensitive to UV than other lizards. You can […]

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New babies!!

New arrivals! The long awaited Cunningham’s skink babies have started to drop alive and well. Proud mothers started giving birth last week, and there are 10 babies so far with many more to come. They all weigh between 7g and 9g and are very lively. Their arrival has sparked debate into what is the cutest […]

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Hot communication!

The news arrived. ‘Animals in translation: why there is meaning (but probably no message) in animal communication‘, one of Pau Carazo’s latest papers along with Enrique Font, hit the headlines! The paper was published last August in Animal Behaviour, and was the third most downloaded article of the journal from September to August. In this paper, the authors defend […]